Ars vivendi, the art of living...

Sylwia Walkowiak-Koźbiał

I offer my cooperation in both the dietary and travel fields.

Sylwia Walkowiak-Koźbiał

Ars vivendi - the art of living.
The name of my business was not chosen by chance.

I believe that it is not enough to live your life, you have to relish every day, and get as much out of it as you possibly can. Go to bed every evening with the feeling that nothing has escaped us, that we have experienced a good day. This is not so easy, since especially when living in a city we find it difficult to slow down a little.

In the fervour of everyday duties, the feeling of fulfilment is set aside, and weeks pass in this way, then months and years… which is a pity since you only live once.

Professionally, I chose fields which to some extent promote the art of living.

Dietetics, which enables me to help others rediscover themselves. To show that changes, even minor ones, help to get more out of life. Healthier people are people with a more enthusiastic approach to themselves and others. People for whom the next challenge represents above all motivation to reach their desired goal, with small steps.

Tourism, which enables me to discover the beauty of our planet, to find out how others live on the opposite side of it. To tangible experience an encounter with another culture, the beauty of a landscape, or meetings with wonderful people.

Because it is worth living beautifully…


  • I provide dietary consultations

    for children and adults.

  • I compile individual dietary plans

    both for healthy people who want to adopt healthier nutritional habits, and for people suffering from various diet-related illnesses, who can be helped by a properly selected diet to fight their illness and improve the comfort of their lives.

  • I help to expand children’s diets

    carry out nutritional education and finally help young mums to regain their pre-pregnancy physical condition.

  • I prepare educational syllabuses

    and talks for kindergartens and schools.

  • I received a diploma from Warsaw College of Rehabilitation

    I have professional experience in providing dietary advice to children and youths, I gained my experience during work placements at the Professional Development Centre and in various departments of Wolski Hospital in Warsaw, including the neurology ward and the gastrointestinal and metabolic disease clinics, and at numerous trainings and conferences.

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  • I conduct tours of Warsaw

    in Polish, French and English.

  • I create sightseeing schedules

    tailored to groups and individual clients.

  • I assist in the comprehensive preparation of sightseeing schedules

    both in Poland and abroad.

  • I completed studies in the field

    at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

  • As an active, licensed Warsaw tour guide, I collaborate with the major Polish operators

    such as Rainbow and Almatur.